Alphabet Soup

A beautiful example from the 19th century.

I’ve been thinking a lot about letters this week. This is probably not that surprising, given what I do. However, it’s been really interesting to think about letters in a different way: from the point of view of the letter as a work of design, not just a letter. What got me started on all of this was a meeting with the fabulous Tara O’Keefe, of De La Mod, a company that specialises in boutique stationary and corporate identity. Tara has developed this fabulous concept where you can go online to design your own wedding invitation, in real time, and without the hassle of hours spent either gluing your fingers together or meeting with endless people to get just the right thing.

Anyway… we were chatting about how we’ve noticed a move back to a more personal approach to design, and weddings in particular, which we, as designers and makers, are pretty excited about. Gone are cookie cutter, straight from the bridal mag weddings, in favour of bespoke services, ranging from jewellery to menus to invitations and design. And so we got to chatting about monograms, and thus letters as design.

My job this weekend is to get started on some letters as a design. So I’ve taken a look at some illuminated manuscripts to get me started. Imagine using quills and inks to create art like this! Amazing. It seems that I’ve got big shoes to fill, but I’m pretty excited to get started.

Have a great weekend,

x d