Word a Day (okay, at least a few times a week…)

ImageWell, hello there. It’s been awhile. I get it… are we still friends? Hope so. The last few months have been a whirlwind of Young Blood Designers’ Markets, a visit from my best friend — aka. my missing limb — and then work, work, work! It’s been great, and as a result, you’ve been neglected. Sincerest apologies. But I’m back with an initiative that may just keep me honest: The Word of the Day.

I spent yesterday at this amazing day long course run by Wayne Thompson of The Australian Type Foundry, which was just about the most fun I’ve had since… well, the gem setting course I took the week before (more later!). Anyway, it has inspired me to do *try* to write a word of the day, to stretch my little brain to do something a little different with my calligraphy and writing skills and maybe, just maybe, discover something new. Consider it a visual diary of sorts.

Given how long it has taken me to write this, and the last two days of stress and work on a particular project, today’s word is apt: Dogged. Not only have I been doggedly pursuing a huge list of things, but I will need to be dogged to pursue this goal.

Anyway, keep in touch via Instagram (@thesmithonline), Facebook and Twitter for daily updates.

See you soon?!

x d