A fine jeweller & calligrapher, I started this blog as a way to talk about all the things that I love about jewellery & calligraphy–gemstones, making traditions, amazing works out there in the world…

A jeweller & calligrapher… weird combination. Well, maybe it is, but I just can’t settle on any one thing. The jewellery, I come by honestly, with a diploma in Jewellery Arts from Toronto’s amazing George Brown College, where I found myself after four years at McGill University studying Italian. A circuitous route to be sure, but after a day of jewellery making, I was in love with metal and just haven’t looked back since!

The calligraphy started out with Mrs. Tollerton during a Havergal College elective course when I was nine. Mrs. Tollerton, if you are out there, thank you! I love the sweeps of ink and expression of beautiful writing, and am reminded of my amazing great granny, writing letter after letter to the Old Country in her beautiful copperplate script. So, many, many years later, a friends asked me to help her out with a project, and thus, my calligraphy career was reborn, on the other side of the world in Sydney, Australia.

So, here I am… having a second start to chat about the things that I love. Self indulgent? Maybe. But you have to admits that there is something to viewing amazing works in metal or on paper that just makes you happy. So, I promise to try to share what I’m doing, making, exploring, lusting after, coveting… you get the picture… in these two arenas and maybe a couple of more.

Enjoy, read, share your thoughts… I’d love to hear from you.

x d


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