Spring Cleaning



I have really good intentions. Such good intentions that my husband calls me “The Ideas Man” because I am so full of them… that sometimes lack the follow through I would like. Unfortunately, spring seems to exacerbate that tendency; what with lovely sunshiny weather and fresh breezes blowing through my open windows. I did start out with such good intentions, especially with my Word of the Day and setting practice (I WILL get back to that! And you will love it. Trust me), but then the bloody finger happened. Who knew gardening could be an extreme activity??

Anyway, I hit the ground running this morning after a massive twenty person Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday night, which is always a hit, given that Australians neither celebrate Thanksgiving nor have any clue about its origins (NOT Pilgrims, but a celebration of the harvest — no wonder they have no clue… it comes after winter here!). The massive post dinner clean up inspired a long, long, long needed clean up of my email inbox and closet. Who knew I had so much clutter– both cyber and fabric?! I feel a little more in control of my life. A little… but hoping this inspires more action. 

What are you doing to spring clean?  x d


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