Back in the saddle again…

I can just hear them little doggies as I sing that song in my head, still in a frighteningly off-key tone… and get back in the saddle. It’s been a long time. A long time to contemplate just exactly what I’m doing and where I’m heading. Very existential, but like all things in my life, I rushed headlong into something, before really figuring it out. And thus the veerrrryyyyy long break in between posts and in between thoughts of what and who and how. But I’m back.

Forever is composed of nows. ~ Emily Dickinson

I heard this quote tonight and it just seemed to fit. It’s taken awhile, but I finally feel like Now is a good time. Energized, refreshed, rejuvenated… whatever you want to call it, I feel like I am back to creating and doing, and to that end, want to write about it.

So begins this journey (again), into the world of jewellery and calligraphy. Not just my own… but a lot of my own… and some of that which inspires me. It’s time to say YES again to the world out there, and to re-enter it with a little bit of a spring in my step, rather than a drag of the heels. 

Life… yer a bowl o’cherries (and a glass of wine).  

x danielleImage


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